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Draw Catalog Quality Maps and Design Cloning Experiments

- Restriction Analysis

- Restriction, TA & Gateway Cloning Experiments

- Export Images in Vector & Raster Graphic Format

- Draw Catalog Quality Plasmid Maps with MCS support

- Apply Custom Fonts & Themes


Over 500 organizations in 37 countries use SimVector

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"SimVector is a great software that provides most of the functions I need. The plasmid map is also nice. In summary, I think SimVector is valuable and very helpful."
-Dr. Xiangmin Zhang, Arizona State University, USA.

"I found SimVector useful for my work. I was able to construct linear maps with ease. I had actually created maps previously, but I found the SimVector program useful for drawing more simplified versions of these maps to scale." -Dr. Karen O'Hanlon, Department of Biology and National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, National University of Ireland.

"SimVector is just great." -Dr. Etienne Boulter, University of North Carolina, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Chapel Hill, USA.

"I found it to be the best program that I have used so far to produce publication quality vector graphics of eukaryotic nuclear gene models." -Dr. Jeffrey Moseley, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Stanford University, USA.

"I think SimVector is the best plasmid drawing tool in the market." -Dr. Farhad Vesuna, Johns Hopkins University, USA.

"I considered a number of plasmid programs and SimVector clearly was the best." -Dr. Ed Perkins, School of Medicine, University of Minnesota, Duluth Medical Campus.

"...this package accommodates restriction enzyme-based cloning but also enables TA-based and Cre recombinase-based strategies." -The Scientist.

"I am impressed with SimVector and would like to introduce it to my company" -William M. Rideout III, Genpath Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Cambridge, MA.

    Why SimVector

  1. Vector Graphics: Generate and export plasmid maps in vector graphic format, SimVector is one of the few programs to export images in vector graphic format that can be further manipulated in Adobe Illustrator 10 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2002.

  2. Design Cloning Experiments: Design Gateway® Cloning, TA Cloning and Restriction cloning experiments and save laboratory resources.

  3. Full Control: Work with plasmid (vectors) as long as 150 kb to draw circular or linear maps. Choose from several fonts, sizes, line widths, fill patterns and colors to enhance your drawings.

  4. Flexible Output: Export web ready image in JPEG, TIF, PNG or BMP formats.

  5. Analysis: Comprehensive enzyme and feature analysis.

  6. Filtering and Sorting: Powerful filtering of enzymes by properties to create a custom set. Sort restriction maps, features by any property with a click of a button. Create custom enzyme sets for repeated analysis.

  7. Project Management: Use the project functionality to effectively manage your experimental data.

  8. Ready to Go: Access Entrez to download vector sequences. Feature annotations in the file header are immediately depicted on the graphical map.

  9. Intuitive Interface: Work with a biologist designed intuitive interface for cloning simulation and sequence analysis.

  10. Continuous Improvement: We continuously improve the software based on insights into user needs and customer feedback.

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